Book Lecture Tour 2015
Golden Gate

The Student Government Association of Golden Gate University in San Francisco invited Laurence Brahm to address its plenary session on April 7, 2015, on "Fusion Economics." The title of the talk was: "New Economic Practices to Develop Sustainable Economics and Community Empowerment with Green Growth." Brahm was selected for the talk due to his work in China advising Premier Zhu's cabinet on reforms in the 1990s for which he was awarded "One of the 10 Personalities Contributing to China's Opening and Reform" by CCTV in 2008. During the talk he unveiled China's current plans for a major industrial shift away from fossil fuels toward renewable and efficient energy that he was the architect in drafting, encouraging San Francisco students to apply technology and innovation in the battle against climate disruption instead of focusing on creating video and social distractions as is now the case in California which faces an acute water crisis. The entire audience were international students from South America, Middle East, South Asia, Asia and Africa who understand the messages Brahm was delivering. Moreover, these students realize the importance of developing practical technology to address water and food security, and enable a new growth paradigm from renewable and efficient energy.